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Donald V. Weatherman

Donald V. Weatherman is the former president of Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas. Originally from southern California, Weatherman received a bachelor of arts degree in political science from California State University, Los Angeles. He continued his education at Claremont Graduate University where he earned his master’s degree and finally his doctorate in American government and political philosophy. He met his wife, Lynn, while he was a graduate student at Claremont. Weatherman taught at California State University, San Bernardino before moving to Idaho where he taught for three years at the College of Idaho, a small, private liberal arts college. In 1983, Weatherman accepted a position at Lyon, then Arkansas College, as the John D. Trimble Sr. Professor of Political Philosophy. During his time as a professor, Weatherman began the College’s philosophy and politics programs, established the faculty and staff assemblies, and co-chaired the first strategic planning effort. He received the Lamar Williamson Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 1986. In 1988, he spent six months in Washington, D.C., as one of the first Bradley Resident Scholars at the Heritage Foundation. In 1999, Dr. John Griffith, a former Lyon College president who is now retired as president of Presbyterian College, nominated Weatherman when the academic dean’s position opened at Erskine College in South Carolina. Weatherman served for 10 years as Vice President and Dean of the College at Erskine, as well as teaching politics. [Taken from]

Donald V. Weatherman: “Democrats and Republicans From Wilson to Reagan: Rise of the Administrative State”

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